Very Angry

I'm a failure. I'm trying so hard and yet I'm bit by bit making things better. But I desperately need wisdom because without it I am messing everything up. Communication is the key. I am trying to  earn some money online and I am failing horribly. I am trying to find the means by which I can support myself financially and even help Forbes out, and even he is failing.

The real problem is lack of communication and lack of structure on my part. Communication is important no doubt and avoiding communication is financial suicide. But my real problem is the reason why I am not making money online and that is lack of definition. I have all these traffic servers I am using and yet I have no product to sell (I really do, its called Satellite Direct) but for sure the real money is in providing some kind of service. That's why I've been trying to make this PLR website where I just give a membership access to a bunch of ebooks I got off NMVT but I have all these other website I am trying to promote like Network Marketing VT and that is some sort of failure according to what people are saying. It's just a bunch of videos and ebooks that costs 99 dollars a month, which is ridiculously priced. I need something else. Network Marketing is a flop. I need to make a service myself. At this point I am stuck selling Satellite Direct unless I can figure out where to invest my time. ----------------- The power is yours.